View Full Version : fishing in Puerto Vallarta

08-17-2008, 07:59 PM
we'll be heading down to PV this winter for a little fishing and relaxation :) looks like the fishing at that time (as any other time in that part of the world) will be great; just gotta pick the charters. we will be going with the dinner cruse/fish trip as well as a full day on the water. after looking at the various charter companies that i have found on the net, i'm liking "Master Baiter's" just for the catchy name (and with a boat named "stroker", how can you go wrong :evilgrin:) they also have a super panga; fully open fishing boat with twin 175hp outboards and a head for the better half, aptly named the "mini baiter". having fished out of a super panga before, the experience is awesome (and more affordable to charter an entire boat than going with a sportfisher class). we may go with "mini baiter" out to corbetena, unless someone out here has some experience fishng the PV area and would like to offer up some advice as to a charter company (and a fishing location) that they have had good experiences with...