View Full Version : gull report, mar. 04, 2007

03-05-2007, 10:12 AM
woke stupidly early to get a jump on the day, loaded all my junk, and found i had a FLAT TIRE!!! >:
fixed that and was on my way well after sunup >:
made it to gull around 10-ish. met 2 old goat whitefish addict buddies of mine.
they started in 3-4ft of water, i started in 5-6ft.
30 mins and saw only 1 fish. with that my buddies said "screw this" and went to one of our super secret spots. i decided to go back to the weedbed PERCHFISHER and i found last weekend.
let me tell ya', when perchy puts a perch-curse on you, IT STICKS!!!!
i instantly caught a fat little 12"-er and they kept coming!!!! limited out on perch in about 45 mins!!!!
again nothing huge. a few in the 12" range. super-fun though as they were UBER-AGGESSIVE!!! flying in to slam my hook!!!
since i could keep no more perch, i went a little deeper. instantly saw 2 whites!!!! 10 mins later finally broke perchy's curse and hooked a whitefish. landed a nice 17"-er.
saw about 10-12 more in the next few hours but only bumps. no bites.
my old goat buddies came back with 3 whites between the 2 of them and called it a day.
as the sun was going down, i went to our original shallow holes to give it one last try. minutes after i set up, my flag went!!!
landed a beaut. 73cm pike!!!!
set up again, 20 mins later landed my last fish of the day!!! a super aggressive 18" white that came back and bumped my hook 4 times before finally inhaling it!!!
called 'er around 6pm after a good 20 mins of zippo.
half decent day. pretty slow overall. virtually identical to last week with a few more whites. they are still NOT on like they will be soon. soooooooon.... :)
cheers, gw

03-05-2007, 03:55 PM
nice report wildman, tonnes of snow still?

03-05-2007, 05:03 PM
yeah man.
there's crap-load of snow!!!
in my wee 2wd i am forced to stay on the tracks...