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Burnstick Lake help
01-29-2007, 01:15 PM
Anyone been out recently? We're having a family gathering out that way in a couple weekends and thought I would cut a few holes. Where on the lake do you recommend? What works for perch and at what depth?

thanks guys.

01-30-2007, 04:55 PM
We have had luck in between 25' and 30' of water, about 200 yards north of the middle of the point of land where the trees stick up out of the water, at the narrows on the south end of the lake. If you come in from the Burnstick Lake resort boat launch, head out towards the middle of the lake, turn left, head towards the south end of the lake but if you pass the point where the trees (dead) extend out into the lake, you will have gone too far. Sit a few hundred yards off the shore line and you should be in water between 15' and 35', and throughout the day you will be able to find perch all over the area, though we do best around 25' of water. I am sure that others, like KellyandBeth can tell you some other areas to look for perch. As for Pike or Walleye, I have seldom seen pike and never seen walleye so don't be disappointed if you only catch perch. And post a report if you have some success.