View Full Version : Fishing Cold Lake

02-03-2010, 04:16 PM
In all my years of fishing Ab, never fished it. I do have a ton of large polar bear jigs, as well as others, some buzz bombs, large spoons, etc. (Used these a lot in the N.W.T.)
Questions are:
If directed to a possible spot, what are the chances of picking up a fish or two? I see so many varying reports..
If I take my heavy old fishing van up 2WD, will I be able to get to spots, as well as not worry about sinking it.
I have a week or so to burn starting next Tuesday, or Wed. and was thinking of doing a bunch of NE fishing, as I haven't been up that way in a few years.
Any info would be appreciated, and if anyone would like to meet up for any species up that way, please PM me and we can get together. I am mainly C&R but a feed or two of any species would be nice as well. I have lots of bait and equipment..and more than willing to bring extra coffee, tea, or something stronger..haha
Have all the supplies to cook as well if wanted.
Thanks a bunch.