View Full Version : Wicked weather in northern Alberta?

The cooter
07-30-2010, 06:50 PM
I was just tieing down my roof for the night last night. ( Roof shingles needed to be replaced). When a storm crept up out of the west. Wind kicked up real hard around 10:00pm. So I jump in the truck and head for town to by some beer after a hard day. When I look out to the south and all i see is funnel cloud. So I pulled over to the side of the road to watch for a while, Sure enough if that thing came down and bounced across the feilds about three times before vanishing back in to the clouds above. I haven't see that in 20 years. Anyone else see some of that further north? Just looking out of the window, At work here and it looks like were in for it again tonight.

07-30-2010, 08:22 PM
Cooter not sure about up north but down south we have been having that kind of sheet all summer.

Grizzly Adams
07-30-2010, 08:51 PM
Got our own problems.:lol: Wife was riding in Nichi Valley today and other than coming on an apparently fresh cougar kill, they almost got zapped by lightning. Haven't heard the details, but a tornado apparently touched down, just north of Sundre.

The cooter
07-30-2010, 08:52 PM
Not good for anyone sounds like while you guys were getting hammered down there we got a couple days of rain no flooding and such like that. In the last week we have had some warm temps with some really nasty storms in the evening. At work tonight we have been hit by lightning twice already. Making it a pretty busy on the panel.