View Full Version : UWAY NightTrakker NT50B "BLACK" IR Camera Video

Ridgetec Cameras
10-07-2010, 07:03 PM
Here are two videos from the UWAY NT50B. This is a truly "Black" IR trail camera. There is no visible light emitted from the camera and I have yet to see a deer look at it in the last few months. The camera takes both video and stills depending on your settings. It also records sound with the video.

Althought the NT50 (standard red glow IR) will be brighter at night and fulfill many good purposes. This setup (NT50B) from these videos is completely invisible to deer or people.

(See also pictures on post before this one)


(temperature not correct on this test camera - all others have good temperature)
http://www.eyesinthewoods.com/uploads/player_thumbs/eZkJkCIuhuBwlEWYPdlk.jpg (http://www.eyesinthewoods.com/play.php?vid=668)

http://www.eyesinthewoods.com/uploads/player_thumbs/aYY4eQ5PQVFGBkTyRoJE.jpg (http://www.eyesinthewoods.com/play.php?vid=669)