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02-20-2011, 08:54 AM
I have been keeping abreast of the political ramblings to attempt to secure chains once and for all around common people (or so the gov'T) thinks....and there are answers. As for anything involved in government regs it is convoluted and seemingly backwards to how things should be but here goes....
1. for the sake of regulations the powers that be want you to be classified as a person, but legally this makes you a corporation, not a living, breathing human being with a soul. Legally a person is equitable to a non-living entity with limited rights.
2. As a living breathing human being with a soul, you are not subject to any regulations, acts, statutes, or the like because those apply to all who want to live in that system. Most of us want to live in a world that is wonderful, safe, and governed by some system of natural order that makes sense and shows respect to other human beings...something I call common order, which cannot be governed and exists inherently within ourselves as the 'right' way to live. Not everyone might agree with all the finer points, but there are some basic rights to which we would all agree we should have and here is where it can get sticky...but that is another discussion.
3. The system we live in does not honor common order. IT seeks more and more to regulate, legislate, fine, organize, constrain, and disease society to the point where the desperation of the people(my term as described above, not the legal version) becomes a catalyst to greed, corruption, a what the ? attitude, and generally promotes the downturn of the country. Just look around, we know it is the case.
4. There is a difference between a public person and a private soul. And everyone should know the difference. A public person, entity, individual, person and even human being in some cases is the umbrella name for all who see themselves as subject to the government and their rules for order. A private entity or as I like to call a FREE human with a soul is by nature a sovereign individual with the rights and freedoms that everyone thinks they have and in reality do not if they conform to the system. this does not mean that you can become a radical idiot by living in the private. IT does mean that everything you do, say, become and think is your responsibility, and any and all consequences are your own. It means you start to live with the mind that we are all free and that just because I live a certain way does not mean that I will trod upon the rights of others. IT means that I have the right to life, liberty, property and happiness and have the right to it not because some government says I do or I don't. It means I was born into this life having these rights and until I say otherwise, ie. by signing a document that allows a government or a corporation to have rights over me, then I retain those rights and at any time can rescind them as I am a sovereign.
5. Bill 36 seeks in my opinion to fool 'sovereigns' into thinking that their solution to property protection and rights, KNOWN AS A CLAIM OF RIGHT, is being taken away, but the answer lies in recognizing that nothing can be taken away from you unless you say it is. You cannot be governed by a bill or a law or a regulation or an act that does NOT APPLY TO YOU. All regulations govern individuals, or persons or corporations, or GOVERNMENT employees by the very nature of the scope of the bills enforcement. It is often what is not said in these documents that is more important than what they do say.
6. Government is starting to know there are enough 'sovereigns' out there to make it very hard for them to continue working in the same way that they have been. It is difficult to not get worked up when you see the gouging and the blatant raping that is going on, not just of the economy, school system, corporate structure, but all of it tying back to the pocketbook of the ones that are the only ones that actually contribute ANYTHING to society - human beings. The kicker is that human beings make up gov't, corp's, society in general and that there is greed, and there is taking going on. We have the power to say no in a way that will get the attention of the Govt, and obviously is. They have wind of the people getting smart and disentangling themselves from a system that has them so bound that we think there is no other way. there is a way, and the road takes a lot of work and it is harder because we cannot rely any longer on a system that doesn't work. So there will be growing pains and hard choices on this road, but I say it is worth it and all the signs are there that the old system is about to crash. Thank goodness.
7. You are free. They want you to think you are not. They want you to remain under their spell of hypnosis and being angry. They want that. What do you want?
8. The only way to get the attention of the corp's and the others is to withdraw from contribution to them. Don't buy this cheap **** from China, but insist on better quality right at the store. Ask them to get better quality. You have to say something at the time. They will know that if enough people refuse to buy it will mean death to them if they don't do something about it. Do it at every turn. Refuse the system if it does not work, but make your voice heard. Yah, you write the MLA and get a form letter. What if you get 10 of your friends to sign the letter and do a followup call? In politics they have a formula. One letter represents 500 votes, one call represents 1000. One call takes 5 minutes. Be polite, but insistent, let them know you represent a lot of voices. That counts. Yah, it is unfortunate that you have to be a pain in the ass and take a lot of your own personal time to let them know that they are walking a thin line. I know it is frustrating because again, to get involved in anything political is a waste of time. I believe the whole system has to crash, but, also, there is no point in getting directly involved by running in the race, because it is just a race, just a game, a club where if you get in you are a pion and will not change anything. It is a disease that has to be burned to the ground. IT is happening, I believe they know it and in desperate times, desperate measures. That is what bill 36 is. It is a reaction. So know that something is happening, big time. Right before it crashes for good you will see politicians resigning, thinking that they will reappear after all the smoke clears. We must insist on a system that does not in any way resemble the old.

so anyone who want to comment or find out more about any other thing relayed on this post can check out the web. It is all there. Read some legislation if you want to be informed just of how the legal system ties itself in knots. It is all mumbo jumbo. We can figure it out by learning the language and we probably should, so we know what they have tried to do, but keep it light. Remember they are brainwashed into a system and they want it to remain, but the truth is it does NOT WORK and should be scrapped. No one's life is really safe until it is. Peace