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Steve@TownPost 06-19-2019 05:35 PM

TownPost Gun Site is Going Canada Wide
We have a massive announcement about an update to TownPost.

I'm sure most of you are aware, but TownPost is a popular classifieds website owned and operated from Alberta. We're best known for helping people buy and sell locally and giving lawful firearms owners a safe place to deal guns. We have almost 10 years of experience blocking/banning/trolling would-be scammers with our hands on screening process for new members.

On Canada Day (hopefully) we will be launching a brand new Firearms related site that will serve all of Canada.

You will also have the option of logging in to Alberta, BC (new), or Saskatchewan (new) or Canada Wide Guns.
  • All TownPost Ads will be visible no matter which location you login as
  • Search Results will be ranked/customized based on which site you are on
  • Our Canada Gun site will rank gun posts higher than non-firearm ads
  • Alberta TownPost sites will automatically rank order ads from closest to farthest away (By Town)
  • New Saskatchewan Buy and Sell site that will help our Sask fans find local deals.
  • New BC Buy and Sell site that will help our BC friends find local deals.
  • We can make admins for certain areas/niches
  • User Scores and User Ratings expanded
If you want more details there is a Longer Post here about the Update and new changes.

You only need to post on one site (no cross posting required), you can manage your profile, ads, and TownPost messages regardless of which site you login to.

To summarize...
- It will be easier to find local deals if you login by location.
- Our Gun site will rank Firearms higher than other items.
- Better Navigation customized by where you login. (Gun Site will have Gun related menus, Sask & BC will have local menus, Alberta Towns will each have their own custom menus so you can find local stuff in less clicks.
- Custom search results based on where you login.

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Call/Text - 780-284-6622

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