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Prophet River 06-27-2019 10:59 AM

Canada Day Sale 2019
Canada Day Sale 2019

Free Shipping & More

June 27 to morning of July 2nd.

We are always open online.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping on all online orders over $300 across the Canadian provinces. We are including those living within the city limits of Whitehorse or Yellowknife but due to restrictions in our shipping software you will need to pay the shipping. We will then reimburse your shipping. Please note that Canada post doesn't ship ammo, Thundershot, primers, powder, etc. CamPro, Western Munitions and Heavy Flat Rate items are excluded from free shipping.

Canada Day Specials

Canada Day Specials - Sale Link

Liquidation and Discounted.

Rifle Scopes / Nikon / LIQUIDATION - Sale Link

Rifle Scopes / Vortex / Vortex Liquidation - Sale Link

Rifle Scopes / Nightforce / Discounted - Sale Link


Rifles / Merkel - 30% off - Sale Link

Misc / Used Gun Sale - Sale Link

Selected Ammo

Ammunition \ Shotgun \ Remington - Sale Link

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