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SilversidesBC 11-19-2019 06:37 PM

November Sturgeon Report
Hey guys n gals;
Our Fraser River Sturgeon season is wrapping up soon but it's not quite over yet. It never really is unless there's ice flow.
November is a hidden gem for Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River in the Mission area(Sturgeon Capital of Earth).
1. everyone thinks the fishing is done but they're dead wrong
2. Sturgeon are heavily feeding on salmon
3. Big hungry fish are easy prey for those with the right bait and location
4. Hardly anyone on the river!

November Sturgeon fishing is easy and success rates are 100%.
If you want to plan for something different in 2020 why not try a Sturgeon package in the November 1 - 15 range?
You'll be pleasantly surprised how good it is!

Amazing Spring Sturgeon Fishing Event:
Experience fast and furious Sturgeon fishing from late March to early May. This is truly a unique time on the Fraser river as huge schools of smelts collide with starving Sturgeon to produce a feeding frenzy that fishermen dream of!
Visit our website for bookings and info. Link is in the signature.

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