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Don 04-02-2002 01:35 PM

I've heard alot of comments about the F&W not interested in the new gun registration, ect.
I have a question for you.........during the 2000 hunting season I was stopped (while hunting grouse) three times in WMU 330. Each time I was at least 40 km from pavement. The officers took the model#, gauge, ect from my guns. The last time they even made me uncase my rifle (I was big game hunting dawn and dusk in a remote location) to get the info. I could see it if they only wanted to check it for ammo, but model, caliber, manufacturer, ect. ?????????????


Don Meredith 04-03-2002 07:25 AM


Please remember that Alberta Conservation Officers are peace officers and will enforce the laws of the land. Although enforcement of the federal firearms laws may not be their highest priority, they will enforce them, especially if a violation is obvious or probable.

Why these particular officers jotted down the information about your firearms you describe, I cannot say. You would have to ask them directly.

Don Meredith
Fish and Wildlife Division

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