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Originally Posted by TheRealDeal View Post
Not necessarily. Think outside the box:

The guy has a checkered past, if he is trying to rebuild his reputation then he is probably working 3 times harder to provide a good product.

Plus I spoke to several guys who have hunted there (1 of which I know personally) who told me all about their experience.

And really, when you read through all the stuff that pops up on Google its all pretty old and almost all of it is here. One thing I have learned about this site is not to take anything here too seriously.

Like I said, win or lose I will post my experience after my hunt.

You must not have looked very hard.

Since you seem to think all the negative feedback comes from this site, you might find this interesting.


Alberta Bound Fishing Adventures Business type: Guide & Charter Service
Nearest Waterbody: Bow River
Area Fishing: Rainbow & Brown Trout
Location Address: 123 McKenna Way SE, Calgary, T2Z 1W9, Alberta
Contact: Chris Gerritse & Harry Gerritse
From this business I found this review, not on AO;

I don't usually do this sort of thing, but I am so disgusted that I feel I must do something.
One of your featured guide services has mistreated my husband and I so badly that I feel I must warn others not to patronize their services. My husband and I were supposed to join Alberta Bound's Chris Gerritse last June for a day long trip on the Bow River. We were very excited about the trip and send Mr. Gerritse a deposit for half the amount. Once in Canada we learned the water was too high to take our trip. Mr. Gerritse promised us a full refund within a month. We have yet to receive the refund.
After months of our long distance calls to Mr. Gerritse, and his promises to send us our refund we have nothing. He has given us every excuse under the sun, from a car in need of repair to a slow fishing season. We are patient people, but this is ridiculous. Everyone has to pay their bills, including us, and it is not our responsibility to make sure Mr. Gerritse manages his money, or fixes his car. In mid-October we contacted Mr. Gerritse for the last time, and again he promised a check within two weeks. I'm sure you can guess that we have received no check.
I am fed up, and want other potential patrons, and especially the fly fishing community in southern Alberta, to know how Mr. Gerritse has treated us Our trip to Alberta was fabulous, and we hate that Mr. Gerritse has caused the single blemish on our memories.
Is this one of the old threads you were talking about?

I wonder what the customers of Bow River Fishing Guides might have to say.Interesting that yet another guiding venture started by the Gerritse's went under without leaving a trace, aside from the name.

That's right, both Alberta Bound Fishing Adventures and
Bow River Fishing Guides were started and run by Chris and Harry Gerritse and both are now out of business.The only trace of their existence is their names and one piece of negative feedback. Which by the way is consistent with feedback from members of this site and members of Bears East.

One thing I've learned about this site, if it smells like a Chris Gerritse, it is a Chris Gerritse. And I smell Chris so strong it is almost choking me.
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