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Default Feb 10-22 mexico fishing back with pictures

Happy new year to all. Now that hunting season is over Its time to start getting my surf fishing stuff ready for Mexico. Thanks for others posting tackle they have had success with i picked up a few new lures to try this year. i will be heading down for the above dates to Bucerious and hope to fish every morning before the wife and kids are wake. Last year i fished 9 mornings out front of the resort. With only average success I want to be a bit more adventurous this year and rent a scooter and fish a couple other location within a 30 min drive mostly up near Punta De minta. If anyone is down at that same time and want to get together and fish. Send me a PM or come find me just at sunrise i will be between Bucerious and nueavo vellarta in that open beach area. Some of the new areas I would like to try a ibmight have to hike it so a partner to come with would make a bit more comfortable if something was to happen.

Good luck fishing to all fellow AO members
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