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Originally Posted by Redfrog View Post
Many years ago [50] in Ontario I had a tank set up with sunfish in it they were 2-3 inches long. I also had a couple crayfish about the same size, a bullfrog and a small turtle. I somehow got lucky and found a balance in the tank and seldom had to clean it other than a 'vacuuming' once in a while. I also had live native plants in it. Feeding time i would drop a few worms in and those sunfish went after them like parahnas. i aslo dipped minnows out of local waters. They were young ones ad only about 1 inch long. The ones who didn't get eaten immediately would find cover and survive sometimes for a week or so. Even the turtle would feast on the minnows. I was surprised he could catch them. Any fly that landed on the wirecover was lunch.

Is it legal here??? No idea but it was educational.
No, not legal here.

eat a snickers

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