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Default Twin Valley/Pine Coulee/Clear Lake Report/S

Decided to create a sub thread, for fishers to these lakes. Add reports if you want but please make separate thread on fishing adventures.

Twin Valley is 2 thru 3 inches at two distant locations checked, Ice formation looks decent but personally won't be hitting the ice till the 19th. snow atop is maybe 1/4 inch and that's being generous. though with the above day time temps plus wind coming up conditions might degrade or level out ice rapidly. Overnights will grow maybe 1/2 inch.

Pine Coulee is frozen all but the SE leg of the lake, so if you know how to access or are willing to walk a long long way, you might be able to fish from shore. rest of the lake has what I'd call sketchy grey ice, bubbly with signs of flood ice freezing atop. I personally wouldn't chance pcr for walk on until at least the 25th or further. Bridge area completely frozen for those thinking it might be open for casting. Frozen at boat launch too but sketchy.

Was going to check Clear and with what I gathered from TVR/PCR and the vegetation in Clear, I'd put it in the later part of November for comfy ice trudging.

So for the heavier less nimble over dressed ice fishers, November 25th should be walkable. for the gutsier ice shufflers, pack light and wear flotation or rope off a tinner and report back.

[edit: just checked long term forecast for area and for comfy ice, I'm going to bump the date up to December 1st. Overnights will grow ice but daytimes will degrade with wind and above temps.]
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