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Default Stoney Point Target Knobs for Leupold Scopes

Up for sale 2 Stoney Point Target Knobs for Leupold Scopes $100+shipping

Stoney Point's Target Knobs thread-on in place of your scope's dust covers to provide finger-adjustable target turrets. These knobs employ a stainless steel spring-loaded internal spindle which has a screwdriver tip that mates with the scope's coin slot. Provides fingertip control of the scope's internal adjustments.

ATTENTION: Will not fit newer Leupold models that DO NOT have coin slots in the adjustment turrets.

Material:Anodized Aluminum

Weight: 1 oz

Notes: Threads on in Place of Dust Covers.
Laser Engraved Graduations Correspond Exactly with Scope Manufacturer's Design

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