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Iíve used them many times and my findings are inconclusive. I canít honestly say if they hurt or help. Maybe only a couple times they seemed to increase my catch rate. Leaning towards they donít really help side of things. I have found the underwater camera, fish silhouette, and camera cable more effective in sparking their curiosity to come in for look. Seems like when you drop the camera down and if there are any in the vicinity they will come in for a look. Sometimes staring straight in to the camera from 3Ē away for a few minutes and circling around checking it out. I have found that the more Perch you can attract around your presentation the more that seem to come in to check it out. Keeping their attention to attract as many as possible before they move off is key. The herd mentality can take over making for quick action when that happens. A flashy spoon is the best way to call them in. They can see it from a long ways off even in murky water. Good luck!
Interesting...I have always been curious about those. One of the books I have suggests using bright colored pennants, aka streamers (available at your local used car lot, lol) for panfish. Leave them for an hour then come back and fish.

Camera definitely attracts them. Maybe just as well?...One day I recall distinctly, had drilled a hole on a super clear lake and was panning around. I didn't see squat. After 5-10 minutes saw what can only be described as a rolling wave of perch heading in. Unfortunately, they had no interest atall in what I was offering but it was cool to see the "herd" approaching in droves.
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