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Don't take my word for heavens sake but this ain't new guys... blue green algae been in these central alberta lakes since they started building cabins and farming right to the shoreline. It's a phosphorus thing and it doesn't go away. Adding more water makes it worse. That's my take anyway. Lakes like buck and pigeon with lots of rain and a century worth of shoreline development and nutrient loading are the poster children. Just an everyday outdoorsman putting in my two cents. When the lakes are warm and gross and thick with algae don't you naturally avoid water sports and such or do you just jump in with your mouth open? It's never been a huge deal till all the weekend warriors turn their kids loose in the lake and let the poodle drink that awful crap now it's a huge deal. Way too late. Zebra mussels would clear that up. But that just creates a whole new problem.
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