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Thumbs up Browning X-bolt 30-06

Ok I need some of you gun Nutz to give me your Honest opinion on the Browning x-Bolt in 30-06 with composite stock and rotary magazine.

I want to buy a Rifle for my sons 27th Birthday coming up at the end of the Month and he is also going on his first deer hunt with me this year.
I was trying to decide on the 270WSM,280,308 ,30-06 and 300 WSM in a Tikka t3.
So with advice from most people i asked ,the 30-06 kept coming up with the range of loads it will take.

Any advice on an all round starter rifle would sure help. I will buy something by next weekend just have to decide which one.

I found this 30-06 new in the box for $ 905. For the scope we were looking at the Bushnell elite 3200 in 3x9x40.
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