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Every person I ever met that I either loaded ammo for or mounted a scope for, that owned a browning , simply LOVED them!
I have accurized about 4 of them over the years, the culprit always being the recoil lug/ recess was not proper, but after an easy bedding job they were very accurate.
the 7MM and the '06 seem to be the most popular I have come across.
They are very easy to get the OAL for as well, - just go with what will fit in the mag - yup, it's shorter than what will hit the lands when reloading, but the accuracy is great anyway.
Myself, I don't own one , have never owned one, and probably never wil, for several reasons, the main one being I like single shots!
However, with no do in this hunt, as I said, every person i run into that has owned a browning bolt action loved them.

That's saying something right there, because I have talked to many shooters who have owned the other rifles out there, and not all were happy with them!

FWIW, the brownings I shot were very easy on the shoulder , for ths most part.

what power? FFP--SFP?paralax? Heck with it, I'm screwing on the Centrals and diopter- pass me my single point sling!
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