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Default Guys relax

Everyone freaking out about these boat check stops need to just relax, they are just trying to prevent/prolong the inevitable they don't want to invade a persons space or take away rights... put the tin foil hats away.

Have any of the people saying the dogs that sniff for zeebra mussels can also sniff for narcotics have first hand proof (Aka have YOU been caught or have YOU seen it happen at a boat check station?) Until such time its just hear say so please don't spread propaganda..

Yes these programs have problems but its a work in progress, just like all programs were at one point. I personally have no problem pulling over and having them check me and all i ever have is a canoe, kayak, or a small 12ft tinner on the top of my truck, and my dad is the same and he has a 15ft Timothy eaton...

Are people in such a rush that you can't take at most an hour (check stop is usually about 20 minutes) out of your day so that we can help try and protect what of our environment we have left.. i can understand for truck drivers who are driving for a living being annoyed but people who are pulling personal recreational watercraft whats the rush?
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