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Originally Posted by Deasoninc View Post
I do have the sunflowers and the mats for the floors already . I will be getting a cot of some sort possibly a big buddy heater when they go on sale. As far as a sleeping bags I just picked up two -28 bags . I am also thinking about getting tent fans, that should help to keep the tent a bit dryer .
What are you guys using for CO2 monitors? Where is a good place to get them and what kind of dollars are they ?
I don't know about you guys but I am getting pumped for the hard water season!!
Don't forget good mat or mattress for your cot. If you get big buddy heater try to bring it up 6" of the ice so you don't end up with water pool around it. Fans are very good idea. I use cheap battery operated fan/light combos form Cabalas. They work very well and dual purpose.
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