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Originally Posted by elkhunter11 View Post
You can always install smooth tires in place of the knobby tires to reduce rolling resistance on paved trails, if it is a concern, but if part of your reason for riding the bike is exercise, why bother?
I thought the same thing and over the years picked up several yards sale mountain bikes which would have originated at CT or a like. Cheap seats suck and a new one is only 40 bucks, cheap cables stretch, need constant adjustment or replace +$, cheap brakes, gear sets and tires +$$$ that could have went into a better bike. I looked on Kijiji and you can get a really decent Hybrid for $350 to $500 right now.

Most importantly though is the enjoyment of the riding. I really enjoy my Giant as I only ever tune it ever so slightly once a year along with regular lubrication and it is a blast to drive. I have a 10K route I do across Sylvan every morning in the spring and I look forward to it. If I am not heading out in the bush in the afternoon I will often do the same run after working the dogs. It's enjoyable and I get to see the characters down by the beach .

A work out on the cheap bikes was more of a chore that often got put off or ended early because the bike needed adjustment or another repair. I now think of a decent bike like a decent pair of boots. The only money wasted was on the cheap ones.
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