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Hi everyone,

sorry in advance if I haven't found some old thread about this question. I've moved to Alberta from the EU almost 2 years ago and really wanted to try out some fishing. I live in Calgary and thought the easiest way to start would be shore fishing, probably at Glenmore Reservoir. I was hoping to catch some trout that I could bring back home and cook. Even one would be awesome.

I know the regulations on what you can keep and what you need to release. What I struggle with is common fishing gear names and knowledge to start with.

I wanted to ask if you could help me with a list of things I need to start fishing, and just the names of the items will help me to google them and understand what they are (ie. spoon - I'd never be able to think what that is in fishermen terms if someone would have not told me that).

So looking to get a fishing rod with a reel (potentially some budget-friendly to start at Canadian Tire), would be great to know what line to get, and if it matters. Also, what to use for lake shore fishing for trout (I know live bait is not everywhere allowed), potentially "spinning fishing" or whatever you call it here would be ideal, as that is a bit more fun to me than still fishing plus I have no clue how to fly fish either.

Hope you can give me some advice! Appreciate it in advance!

Rapala countdowns are a great lure to start with. It looks like a young trout and if you retrieve it slowly and sometimes pause it works great. You can try some trout spinners to from Canadian tire. Mepps panther martin of different colours work well too. Canadian tire has some affordable rod and reel combos and as far as Line I recommend 6 pound for small trout and 8 pound for larger. Iíve never heard too good of things about Glenmore reservoir so I would look at smaller stocked ponds instead around Calgary or the bow river. The bow can be challenging to fish sometimes but you are definitely rewarded with a good size if you do catch one. Keep in mind you canít keep fish in the bow river but you can keep fish in most stocked ponds. Hope that helped
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