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I'm not big on trout fishing but I do fish for them occasionally.

As I understand it Europe is big on bait fishing so that is where I'll start.
It is a good option for shore fishing.

Since I don't know what fishing experience you have I will assume you've done at least some fishing in the past.

For trout I'd recommend a a light or medium action rod, that is marked on the rod itself.
I'd go with a 6 foot rod. Gives a bit better distance when casting from shore.

Rod material doesn't matter that much so whatever suits your fancy should work.

For line, I'd go with 8 to 10 pound rated mono. It is the easiest to work with.
You can find all that marked on the spool or box it comes in.

Next you'll need a bobber. Also called a float. You'll want to connect that to your line a couple of feet above the hook.

For a hook a size 6 should be fine. Trout have smallish mouths so you don't want a big hook, just big enough to hold your bait is all you need.

For bait an earthworm is as good as anything. They can be dug up anywhere there is soil one can dig in. Gardens are a good place to look for them.

A grasshopper will work too. Or you can buy bait at a tackle shop. Just about anything will do. But the more a particular bait matches what the fish encounter in their environment the better it works.

Earthworms and grasshoppers are in the environment already so they work well and can be had with a minimal effort at no cost.

I would also buy a selection of split shot. Split shot are small weights one can attach to a fishing line to get the bait down faster and increase casting range.

That should be enough to get you started.

It's unfortunate you live so far south. I'd be happy to have you come with me.
I could introduce you to far better fish for eating then our stocked trout.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.
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