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Originally Posted by TrollGRG View Post
Your best bet is to go to a local fishing shop. Do they have a Fishn Hole in Calgary?

Plan to spend a lot of time there and ask a lot of questions. They are always very helpful and it is much easier to get it from the pros as opposed to a casual fisherman. It is a lot easier for them to show you what they are talking about than for me to try to describe it to you. They can also tell you about where to go and what to use for whatever fish you are targeting.

Be sure to get at least some of your gear from them. They have invested a lot of time with you and it is only right that you pay them back.
This....when I travel or am not totally sure of an area etc I hit up a tackle shop and they always point me in the right direction with regards to regulations, license, where to fish for what and what to use etc

Good luck

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