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Originally Posted by bobcatguy View Post
Please let us know what you are seeing that is slimy cause I think I missed it And so will others. Help us understand.
I had the same reaction and then read Don's response. Slimey as in avoiding the bigger issues and only addressing anglers for now.

I suppose one could take it even further logically as throwing a bone out there – fast forward to say 3 years from now when they come back and say “Well we asked anglers for input, changed things but that didn’t fix it so now we are going with the 5 year closure…”. Speculation I know…

To Don’s post, it is a point well taken and reminder to us to continue to argue that they need to look at other land usage by industry and others around these systems. After all, with a name of Alberta Environment & Parks, you would think the focus on anglers would be a smaller part of the puzzle.
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