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You certainly don't know everything or do I, but having spent sixty years on rivers including the Clearwater and tributories I do know the proposal is beyond rediculous. If the additive impacts of catch and release fishing on the Clearwater system are the cause of it's collapse then it's beyond screwed now.

An example is the article in a recent AO magazine where the biologist uses Rocky Creek as an example of a "critical" bull trout spawning stream. This is total BS because it and many of the other tributaries are either dry or frozen to the bottom much of the year. Thats how much knowledge is behind this plan.

Few people realize fish numbers in the upper section of the Clearwater are little or no different now than they were years ago. Both size and numbers are down in the tributaries because there is no water left in them, especially overwintering habitat. No beaver equals no fish in these marginally productive streams.

The plan is so ridiculous It's hard to imagine people actually buy into it.

Shame on them for being so dumb!
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