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Originally Posted by xxclaro View Post
Wow,great write up Neil,thank you. I;m planning on getting down tot he Wainwright area next year to maybe scout out some area for elk hunting,so I'll definitley look you up when I get down there.

I shoot an Elite Aigil right now,and was planning on buying a new bow this year, but I'm starting to think maybe I'll keep this one and spend that money on trail cams and treestands instead. I need a new string,so maybe that and a good tuning and I''l shoot it for another year or two.
Thanks...yup nice bow...would Suggest a Worlds Best String...I swap my strings right out of the box every year to WBS...they really are outstanding strings I have shot and they are made in Canada...Leader Sask..

We sell hundreds of them every year for every bow made...custom colors, transparent servings to show off them colors...#1 string for the least string stretch/creep I have ever seen... very fast and tuff...Allan is the only String Company that I have seen that has truly mastered and solved serving separation on cam roll over...

Give Worlds Best a look...

Check out the Testimonials ...ha ha

look forward to meeting ya

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