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Default Outboard Jets

Outboard Jets like calm water into the intake.
V-Hulls do not produce it.
Flat bottom boats do.
25 hp jet = 18 hp at the output.
Your Boat will cavitate and would be a failure.
I have a Fish Rite 16' Power Drifter with 40/30 Yamaha 4 Stroke works great for me and 2 others as the boat is much lighter than the Hyde or Super Drifter.
I Had a 14' Modified V, Flat Bottom with 2 Stroke 25 Merc Jet..
It worked great. For me and one other person.. I built it for the Bow after using drift boats for 2 decades
I put it together in 2002 and all in cost a shade over $10k at the time.
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