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Originally Posted by Jfs View Post
Outboard Jets like calm water into the intake.
V-Hulls do not produce it.
Flat bottom boats do.
25 hp jet = 18 hp at the output.
Your Boat will cavitate and would be a failure.
I have a Fish Rite 16' Power Drifter with 40/30 Yamaha 4 Stroke works great for me and 2 others as the boat is much lighter than the Hyde or Super Drifter.
I Had a 14' Modified V, Flat Bottom with 2 Stroke 25 Merc Jet..
It worked great. For me and one other person.. I built it for the Bow after using drift boats for 2 decades
I put it together in 2002 and all in cost a shade over $10k at the time.
Ridden in and fished from this boat many times (Hey James, how are things?). Really nice boat, solid and smooth even when powering up the river. I'd buy something like this.
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