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Originally Posted by lds View Post
So just curious as there isnít a whole lot out there but thinking if itís worth turning a tinny into a jet drift boat. Basically would cost about $6-7k all in to make it with a 20hp jet outboard.
- is 20hp enough for a 14í aluminum boat with 3 people on board to cruise up river?
- what do you think the boat would be worth once finished. Itís an old boat but brand new motor
- is a normal aluminum boat an ok haul design for it?
This would be a one man boat, as mentioned you lose a third of your power at the pump I have both a John with a 40/30 and a powerdrifter 50/35 both 16ft The John is noticeably slower when I add the 3rd person but that's okay as its my hunting/pike boat and I generally have only one passenger as you need room for the gear anyways The 50/35 flies and is easy to row but I have stripped it down considerably weight wise from the showroom ..... long and short of it is weight your enemy with a jet both for running and rowing .....
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