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Originally Posted by StringTheory View Post
This is an idea I have been looking in to. Some of the best fishing in AB is on the rivers. Just need a way to get out on them. I remember reading an article by the Jensen's a while back on their drift/jet boat setup. Here is the commercial but I cant find the article yet.

Looks like a Crestliner Jon with a Evinrude Jet.

There is a decent tunnel hull jet on kijiji right now too:

What do you experienced drift jet owners think? Is this Alumacraft a good boat for maybe 3 people? I'd like to fish the NSR all the time and a couple trips to the Bow per year. Also would add oars to row.
That is almost the same boat I have. My 30HP Yamaha jet pushes my 17ft G3 boat, three people and gear with no problem. Great on fuel compared to the bigger boats. 120 kms on the Peace river in one day, burned about 11 gallons of fuel.
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