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Colour you dollopheads!!!!

A colour super
D colour very dark

WOW!!! An auction house thats going back go old fashioned grading!!! I hated NAFA for all their mish mash colouring... GD MED Dk, DK BRN and like2 coyotes in a thousand make good colour!

Cool... history repeating itself. Colour being made great again!
And then we will see the fur market go the way it did after tge stock market crash of ‘87??? That part... UNCOOL!!!

I became disgruntled with NAFA over the mish mash throw all colours everywhere grading long ago. I used to target the the best of the best coyotes but it was pointless with the colouring huck job they did. Just huck the brite colours everywhere and call them DK BRN

Maybe ill have to send FHA some SSL pale coyotes???

I think ill wait until after the depression has set in and run its course!!!
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