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As a former retail store manager for many years and one of my stops was for one of the local fishing stores I have heard it all. Fishermen have to be be one of the worst for stories that are not even believable and I have looked after a lot more expensive products than fishing. Most dont get it. Buy a carbon rod and try to pull a big snag and snap and thats the mfg fault. Ice fish with an 18 inch light duty rod and this big pike grabbed it and broke it and want another. In many cases the rod does not even go back to the mfg the store just eats the cost and is a good reason warranty is denied as it becomes a loss to the store but get a better discount overall to make up for them. If a bad batch or bad design it can cost. Be realistic and if you screw up maybe you just learn an expensive lesson. Realistically most products do work well if you do as they are designed and follow instructions which we all know men do not do well. Just sayin and 20 plus years of retail management telling like it really is.
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