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Originally Posted by fishpro View Post
These companies aren't taking the loss you might think they are on warranties. I once worked at a warehouse that handled warranty claims, walk in price of $30 for a new piece on a rod where the warehouse paid $40 for all four pieces of a rod. There's a lot of markup when you consider profits need to be made in addition to operating costs for a manufacturer, possibly a distributor, then for the retailer.
This right here ^^^^

All the companies I've sent a broken fly rod to, charge a "handling fee" on top of the shipping I pay to send it to them.

All these companies call it a rod "warranty"...... it shouldn't be worded that way. Its a false illusion, if it were a warranty, it'd be replaced without a "handling fee"

I agree with paying for the replacement though, unless in the rare event it was a manufacturer's defect.
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