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Originally Posted by FlyTheory View Post
I think the option of replacing sections of rod for a fee is the best solution. Allows the user to be able to use their rod, but pays for incompetence. The caveat is actual manufacturing defect, which should be replaced by the company.
Iíve had a brand new (from manufacturer) rod snap at the butt section from casting on the lawn. That should be on them. It wasnít though, and cost me $60 for a replacement section. Worth it though ó itís the best 6wt Iíve ever casted and itís fights fish like a beast 🤙🏼💪🏼
This is a good thread. My post in the other thread regarding warranty wasn't as precise as it should have been. Neither cover Echo or TFO deal with car door breakage as a "warranty" issue. Echo has a "Replacement Rod Tip" process($60/section) and TFO has a "Broken Rod Service" ($30/section). Warranty claims for manufacturing defects are handled by separate processes.

I think these approaches are basically in line with most of the comments above. The attractive part for me is being able to purchase broken tip sections locally, not having someone else pay for my clumsiness. I would hope that both manufacturers are covering all the costs of these replacement programs with the fees they charge me, not in the original cost of the rod. I never purchase an extended warranty for any other product and don't want to for fly rods either.
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