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Originally Posted by spopadyn View Post
The moderator's are finally sick of what a lot of members have given up on. This site is in severe distress because of what the moderators are talking about. There is hardly ever a picture that is posted without someone running to jump the gun and assume the catch is : improperly handled, illegally caught, over the limit and in a restricted water. I am a member of several other fishing sites - this is the only one where this happens. Good for AO for finally taking a stand, this site is almost ruined because of the Paul Blart fish cops who feel the need to speak there small minds.

Thank god I am friends with Wayne on Facebook to see all his pics...His stories and pictures are what I miss on here....As well as everyone else's pics too....Specks always has great snap shots and they are great to see...

As for my pics, It has been hard to get out lately and not much to show for it....Don't get me wrong, I am catching fish but some are not pic worthy....LOL
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