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Originally Posted by fishpro View Post
I try to fight the fish as quick as possible, then keep the fish in the water (either laying in a net or with my hand on its tail. This way it's reviving while you unhook it.

When taking pictures I try to follow the rule that if you can't see water dripping off the fish in the picture then you've had it out of the water for too long.
x2 If there is no water dripping off your fish, you've had it out of the water for too long.

As for catch and release, Usually with flies i can just pop the fly out with my fingers easily, otherwise i have a pair of forceps ready for the very rare case that they are needed.

ALSO, what i have witnessed in person with friends, and in pictures, if the fish wont hold still for a picture, do NOT force it to just for your glory shot. Squeezing a fish that hard causes serious damage.

One more thing i can not harp on enough, keep your fingers away from the damn gills if you have no intention on keeping the fish.
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