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Growing up, we had a smoke house, made out of cinder blocks, likely 4 x 7 and maybe 8 high. People from the "old country" were serious about their smoke. We did loads of sausage, smoked purcuitto (ham) and back bacon. Having the extra capacity to smoke all of your moose/pork sausage and allowing it to cure in the cool air between multiple smokes really brings out the very best flavours.

You could build it any size you want, but it always seems you wish you had just a few more racks.

The best results came from an air draw in low (near ground) on one side of the smoke house with the exhaust on the opposite side up near the roof (but not all the way on top).

We used a stainless 5 gal pail of sawdust/wood chips and lit it from a slot in the bottom with an electrical element. Once it gets going, pull the element out (unplug it of course) and let the smoke do it's work.
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