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Originally Posted by Okotokian View Post
This. Times change and names are viewed differently for sure, but I would contend that team owners and cities don't use (or at least originally select) team names they think are not worthy of respect. Nobody names their teams the New York Nazis or the Pittsburgh Perverts.

Now even I would say the Washington "Redskins" is a name that's time is long past. Atlanta Braves still seems complimentary to me. So far... But the issue really isn't about whether the name is derogatory or not. The issue has become cultural ownership and the feeling among some aboriginals that white people should not be allowed to "appropriate" any aboriginal name, article of clothing, tradition, etc.
What is is with this "cultural appropriation" crap?

Should white's be offended that FN adopted guns, horses, vehicles, optics, or electronics?

Fried chicken came from the South of the US. Who the heck decided it was a black, white or FN thing all of a sudden?

Seriously, there are real issues of discrimination. Leave the "appropriation" garbage in the dust bin where it belongs.
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