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Originally Posted by Victor L View Post

First of all My english is a bit broke so dont get upset if My spelling is like a five year olds spelling ^^

Im gonna fly To canada in late may or earlie june for some fishing and hiking for 4-5 weeks and i Will arrive To Edmonton . Me and My compadre was thinking of a canoe trip for 3 weeks and i wounder if u guys and girls maybe have some good tips ??

We don't want To hang out with all the tourists if u know what i mean..

We gonna go from Edmonton by car but We really don' know where, any tips on some good rivers with good fishing and not so strong current??

Any tips will do ,canada is so damn big its hard To know where We should start

Tight lines
/victor l

What style of fishing do you want to do, and what kind of fish do you want to catch?
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