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might want to think about postponing your trip till late June early July or even august.

most streams don't open to fishing till June 15th (there are some that are open earlier or even all year) and usually they are experiencing runoff that makes fishing tough and canoeing even tougher to down right dangerous.

that being said i would definatley consider doing the North Saskatchewan river. i would put in either at Nordegg or even Abraham Lake and float as far as you can. don't know how long it would take to get back to Edmonton, but if you have the time that would be a pretty great trip with some real nice scenery along the way.also not an overly difficult river to paddle. lots of different varieties of fish in that river. trout and bulls near Nordegg and pike and walleye (and other species) the closer you get to Edmonton.

if you are still coming in may, be prepared for snow, cold nights and possibly ice still on the lakes and rivers.

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