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Originally Posted by Au revoir, Gopher View Post
"this will probably be used on paths and the road almost entirely. Offroad would likely entail going off the curb. "

In that case, I would say not the right bike. If you aren't going to be riding down dirt trails (and I mean dirt, not nicely maintained gravel trails) don't get a bike with wide knobby tires. All it does is add rolling resistance and reduces traction on pavement. Also, I'm not a fan of front shocks unless you need them, just adds weight and future maintenance issues; problem is, you will have a hard time finding a mountain bike or hybrid without one.

Everything MK2750 said is spot on.

But if you want to go the costco route, maybe look at the Northrock CTM Crossover Bike. I don't know much about the low end Shimano components, but Tourney seems to be par for the course for that price range.

Yep...I deliberately didn't put a pair of rox shox on my front buddies all had them because they were really hard core riders... but living in Vancouver, and working in the downtown eastside, it was a must that I kept my bike as neutral looking as possible. I took all stickers off my bike and the parts.
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