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Originally Posted by Trochu View Post
My wife has wanted me to by a bicycle for a few years now. As the kids are getting older and can actually ride for more than half a block before getting tired/bored/hurt, this may be the year I commit. The problem being, I'm not a bike guy and basically know nothing about the specifics. Are the Northrock bikes at Costco any good, or decent value for the money?

They look decent, listed at $450.00. I just have no idea if a "KMC-Z50" chain for example, is any good.

Here is the link:

I'm not getting a bike and headed straight to Canmore, this will probably be used on paths and the road almost entirely. Offroad would likely entail going off the curb.
My brother has the bike you are looking at and he is very happy with it. I would start with something in this price bracket and see how she goes. Having said that fat bikes arenít for every rider but they get the job done in many aspects. The fat bike takes more leg power to spin the wheels, a bit slower in general and limited in gear settings. The positive of a fat bike is more winter riding and better handling in the rhubarb along with a plush ride. I would also look at a cross country designed platform before deciding whatís best.

The price of bicycles is ridiculous these days and really they are all built the same and with the same materials, the only difference being weight and rolling resistance.
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