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Default Canadian Forces looking to replace Browning HiPower
The Canadian military is looking to replace its Second World War-era handguns but it could take up to 10 years for all of the new pistols to be distributed to the troops.

Replacing the 1940s-era Browning handguns has been on the Department of National Defence’s procurement list for years.

But now the purchase of new guns appears to be moving ahead.

Still the Canadian Forces figures if the purchase is approved – and there are no delays – it won’t have all the new pistols in hand and being used until 2026.

The military plans to conduct a survey later this year to determine what the role of handguns might be in the future Canadian Forces.

Last year army procurement officers briefed industry representatives about their quest for a new pistol. Industry officials were told that between 15,000 and 25,000 handguns are needed and the military estimated the project would cost around $50 million, according to documents recently obtained by the Ottawa Citizen.
Any suggestions?

Glock 21?
Another 9mm?

10 years to pick out a gun and distribute them. Seems real efficient. They must have the government involved somehow.

$50,000,000. That's around $2000 a gun supposedly including spare parts etc. I think they should use me as a middle man...looks like there's some extra juice in the orange.

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