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Originally Posted by Speckle55 View Post
To all anglers that have augers just take your blades to anyone who does sharpen ice skates and get them sharpened there cost 5-10 bucks if that sometimes they throw in for free if you get skates sharpened there

Food for Thought

David the question asked by the OP and the title of the thread is "Hand Auger Blades - Can I sharpen myself?" i take our skates to the same guys every couple of weeks. it's out of my way, but they do the best job. i would never ask or consider them as "skate guys" to do auger blades. they're trained to grind a hollow on a skate blade, not experiment on auger blades with their equipment. granted, maybe some skate shops would do it. how good, i dunno. other commercial sharpening shops will and do sharpen auger blades depending on the style, and do a fine job. then again, i've been turned away by these shops as well. it all depends on the blade you bring in and the equipment in their shop. but that's been discussed in other threads. Spidey is interested in doing it himself.

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