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I am looking for a partner. I am looking for hard core guys not a wishy washy maybe kinda guys. Iím not looking for freeloaders although I donít mind people using my gear as long as itís taken care of. I try to do half a dozen adventure trips every year every trip becomes more of an adventure than planned but thatís seems to be the normal when your in the wilderness. I am 35 and have a 10 year old that usually comes along. I fish northern Saskatchewan/ Manitoba drive to areas / Alberta / Montana/ Idaho, NZ, then set up an outfitters tent or pop up shelter or boat/canoe/snowmobile into remote areas tent camp in summer and winter. These trips are rewarding but also work. They involve chainsawing wood for cooking and heat. Setting up heavy outfitters tents. Portaging canoes cleaning fish. General camp maintenance launching boats on and off trailers. Packing up camp. Then the most important part that everyone disappears on is once a guy gets home cleaning and drying and organizing stuff. Things can get a little hairy like shallow water in the boats. Flood ice with snowmobiles. Bears in camp. Maybe even a tipped canoe from time to time. I need guys that are as safe as possible i donít really drink on my trips maybe two beer once everything is buttoned up for the day( most trips I donít pack any liquor.) Iím not a big fan a yahoos. Slow methodical and safe keeps people and equipment from breaking. Guys must have there own quality gear as there is not turning back if weather gets ****ty. ( sleeping bags, boots gloves, rain gear, winter clothes). Most places there is no service to call home to mom so your old lady is going to have to be without contact for the most part.
If you are interested in this type of adventure let me know. Donít hesitate to ask me question. something I donít like surprises once we are committed and balls deep.

I live south of Calgary.
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