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We went down there a couple of years ago...apparently it was slow according to some locals we hooked up with but we still caught plenty of slabs! We rented a cabin close to the Tamarack Resort and fished not far from there. Quads or Sleds are a must as is a Bathymetric map for the sole purpose of finding and fishing close to the old river channel...outside curves in 15-22' flats worked for us! I used a small Perch colored Rippin Rap and never took it off for 4 days, spoons worked well too just keep them Perchy in color, you don't need bait on them... also we set up a couple of Jawjackers with a tungsten jig Waxworms, drop shot with a Damsel fly nymph combo, worked pretty good. There are also some really nice Rainbows swimming in there and I went off with a local for a couple of hours and hooked a bunch of them in 3' of water, his honey hole! Regardless of when you go and where you fish you have to swing by Tackle Tom's, they'll let you know whats up whats going on...have fun!!
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