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Originally Posted by Drewski Canuck View Post
Zip n Zee, did the depth you set the jig at matter at all?

Mr. D.C. .... as mentioned I was fishing in 8-10 fow, in my float tube, the technique I used was fan cast in each direction say 35-40 feet, let the jig float down pick up slack, jig & retrieve slowly back. Mr White normally inhales it on the drop to or near the bottom, if you can bounce it off the bottom in the sandy rock rubble that helps trigger a strike. They won't hit the jig below me they always pick-it up a distance away & when you feel them on you really need to set the hook, I loose more than I get in the net to light bites. Trust this helps.

Sept 17th ... went back out for a couple hours this afternoon,only had one White hit my jig but lost it on the surface. I still think it's a bit too warm & they're not moving around in the shallows. Ended up finishing the afternoon fishin in 3-4 fow near shore with lots of rocks & gravel near a weed bed, found some active Walleye and a bunch of small Pike but no Whites. Plan on going back to Sunbreaker area on my next trip out.

A few pic's from today .... enjoy.


Another nice & calm day on Sylvan with no crazy's in monster boats ... bonus.


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